Kris vango


Describing his approach to music as “an emotional purge and an exploration into the realms of spirituality”, producer/visual artist Kris Vango effortlessly brings together dark fragmented sounds of the club underground with an ambient sense of hope and utopia. Born and raised in Australia, the roots of Vango’s music echo the countries expansive and dramatic landscapes. In 2013, Vango moved to Berlin to immerse himself into the dark world of the underground club scene.

Four years later and after playing live sets in Berlin, Italy and Australia under the moniker Prizms; Vango has re-emerged as a musician with a clear artistic vision reflecting his personal explorations into spirituality, community, gender and our dystopian/utopian visions of a technological future – bringing together his studies in music, visual communication and art. Currently touring and co-producing for Berlin trans-artist Lyra, Vango is currently finishing off his debut album and working on other upcoming collaboration projects, promising a live show that takes the listener deep into the emotional soul and on a journey of enlightenment.

Photo: Hermes Pittakos
Jewelry: House of Makalai