Kris vango


KRIS VANGO's manifesto is to map and document our solar system through narrative sound, dedicating an album to each planetary body. Starting with Earth (ARD) released December 2018 on Golden Ratio Frequencies - based on the 7 chakra system of yogic science. Followed by Moon (MOTHER MOON) set for release in 2019, exploring water, emotions and the feminine motherly qualities to which our moon is both mythologically and physiologically linked. It is Vango's intention to tell the mythological stories of all our planetary family through music and various artistic mediums, centring around symbolism, mythology and ancient healing techniques. Using the planets as a metaphor for the emotional landscapes we experience within our consciousness and answer the deeper questions of how our experience of being human may be shaped and influenced by the gravity circling around our heads and beneath our feet.

Sonically, KRIS VANGO traverses a cross pollination and re-evolution of club music’s sonic textures, with a re-connecting of the Shamanic origins of uniting collectives into a shared experience–utilising genre as a tool to reflect the varying mythological qualities through-out ancient and modern culture. ARD, Vango's latest work, re-contextualises percussive and beat driven abrasiveness usually found on dance-floors, into a meditative and quasi-mystical visionary quest.

In 2017 Vango collaborated with Berlin-based artist Lyra Pramuk and is currently co-writing and producing the next EP for up and coming fellow Berlin based Australian artist Mikey Woodbridge.

Photo: Tom Eyza
Jewelry: Lokidor