Kris vango


Describing his approach to music as “an emotional purge and an exploration into the realms of spirituality”, producer/visual artist Kris Vango brings together the unsettling fragmented sounds of the hedonistic underground with an ambient sense of hope and utopia. Born and raised in Australia, the roots of Vango’s music echo the countries expansive and dramatic landscapes. In 2013, Vango moved to Berlin to immerse himself into the darker world of the underground club scene. Four years later and after playing live sets in Berlin, Italy and Australia under the moniker Prizms; Vango has re-emerged as a musician with a clear artistic vision reflecting his personal explorations into spirituality, community, gender and our dystopian/utopian visions of a technological future – bringing together his studies in music, visual communication and art, with is identity as a queer artist.

Kris Vango's manifesto is to map and document our solar system, dedicating an album to each planetary body. Starting with Earth (Ard) set for release late 2018 on Golden Ratio Frequencies - based on the 7 chakra system of yogic science. Moon (Alquamar) set for release late 2018 on Honest Electronics, mapping the 12 astrological moon phases and Mars (Ares) set for release in early 2019 - based on political conflict, patriarchy, male dominance and the violent mythologies of the red planet. It is Vango's vision to tell the mythological stories of all our planetary family through music and various artistic mediums, centring around symbolism, mythology and ancient healing techniques. Using the planets as a metaphor for the emotional landscapes we experience within our consciousness.

In 2017 Vango collaborated with Berlin-based artist Lyra and is currently producing for upcoming Berlin artist MIKEY.


Photo: Hermes Pittakos
Jewelry: House of Makalai