creating & destroyinG)


Saturn represents the edge of the physical universe, the last planet visible by the naked eye - the literal edge of the physical reality we experience here on earth. The edge of our imagination and our illusionary mind. To find Saturn, follow the voice in the very back of your mind that judges you, that knows what really is right and wrong... it is that parental, karmic voice. It likes to look at everything from every perspective and finds an informed conclusion. This requires patience, methodical work, grounding and engaging with the physical world, working through problems in the knowledge and trust that you will come to a conclusion that feels balanced. Satan, the devil and the goat are often representative of Saturn because this process is painstaking, it can cause a lot of people to suffer if those are not present with it as it is symbolic of the illusion of the physical world. The truth of Saturn is that we are bound in this life by the physical universe, but in fact we can access higher dimensional vibrations, but only if we embrace our physical role. To embrace the slow and painstaking energy of Saturn is rewarded with greater awareness of life. I encourage everybody to embrace this energy and use it to fulfil their dreams and desires. Walk this earth with respect for the need to build the things you want with patience, and gratitude for them when they manifest.

Video by Ioana Bîlea / Spherical Aberration