KRIS VANGO - ARD (2018) الارض

'ard' explores our human relationship to both earth and the cosmos - with each track representing the 7-point western interpretation of the chakra system. set as loose anchor points in a journey from the micro to the macro, 'ard' represents our divisive, but dependant relationship with earth, our need to ground ourselves. the album aims to guide the listener through each energy center and explore sonically the energies that converge there; 1 'ard' - grounding, 2 'ascension' - desire/sexuality, 3 'void' - ego, anxiety, 4 'hurricane of light' - love, the heart, 5 'conscious and dreaming' - expression, art, language, 6 'theta' - thought, inner sight, 7 'the karmen line' - cosmic energy. 

Written, mixed and Performed by Kris Vango
Additional Vocals: Lyra ('Theta'), Sylvie Chen ('Void')
Mastered by Shawn Hetfield (Audiabe Oddities)
Release on: Golden Frequency Tapes
Cover Art: Nico Stephou