Nicolas Sávva curates a selection of re-works from his debut EP ‘Panacea’, including versions from some of his favourite artists emerging on the Berlin scene.

Irish producer and one half of Lakker (R&S Records), Eomac weaves a blissfully trippy re-work of 'Caretaker', building his vision around the shimmering melodies of the dulcimer. Danse Noire artist and genre-bending producer GIL transforms 'Panacea' into a bass-heavy, dancefloor friendly cut filled with harp glissandos and sub bass grooves. Voitax regular Swarm Intelligence re-works 'Family Fortress' into an icy atmosphere where crunchy beats meet layers of distortion heavy synth-work. Finally, NVMPHS label artist Kris Vango serves up a dark, meditative remix of 'Shedding Skin'.

1. Shedding Skin (Kris Vango Remix)
2. Family Fortress (Swarm Intelligence Remix)
3. Panacea (GIL Remix)
4. Caretaker (Eomac Remix)