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Ard is the title track from the upcoming album 'Ard' by berlin sound/visual artist Kris Vango, exploring themes of grounding, human evolution from micro-organism to advanced human, our relationship to earth and the chakra system.

Ard was also adapted from the performance piece ' Molt' by Hermes Pittakos that premiered at the Buffer Fringe Performance Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus, Nov 2017 and was captured on film by Ouroboros. The performance explores the two female forms of Berlin artists Federica Dauri & Lisa Stertz, manipulated into an otherworldy organism - organic yet alien. The footage has been assembled together to reflect the tracks evolution of a micro organism into humanoid-form on planet earth. Reflecting our conscious human symbiosis with earth, each other and through the expression of movement and energy in our physical forms. 

Concept & Costume prosthetic - Hermes Pittakos
Performance - Federica Dauri & Lisa Stertz
Music/Editing - Kris vango
Filming - Ouroborοs

Ard will be released late 2018 on GOLDEN RATIO FREQUENCIES label.

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