The cosmic journey begins from Earth (‘Ard’ set for release on Golden Ratio Frequencies label this November): exploring our current disconnection from our eco-system and environmental destruction. It’s seven tracks, mapped to the yogic 7-chakra system mirror human mythologies of ascension - our collective human relationship with the home beneath our feet, and the stars. The release is partly an anthropological inquiry into the yogic system (mapping the energy centres in our body) as well as exploring these through moods of grounding, sexuality, anxiety, love and expression - bringing ancient systems and pairing them with the politics we face in our modern world. ‘Ard’ meaning Ground/Soil/Earth in Arabic, echos the regions history in civilisation, language and controversial religious issues and politics, reflecting our bittersweet relationship between human and earth. When our soil, earth and ground is healthy, vibrant and energised, we can planet the seeds we want to grow and create.

Hermes Pittakos: Promo Photography / Art Direction 'Ard' Clip
Ourobouros: Direction / Filming of 'Ard' Clip
Federica Dauri & Lisa Stertz: Dancers 'Ard' Clip
Nico Stephou: Album Cover Photo
Lyra Pramuk: Guest Vocalist on Track 6
Shalva Idinaxuishvili: Drag/Fashion/Art Direction for 'Void' film clip
Lefteris Kastrinakis: Direction/3d Design for 'Conscious & Dreaming' clip

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Moon (‘Alquamar’ Release date TBD), a 12-track release plays with the mythology and symbols of astrology and the moon phases - of which Vango has created his own and will tattoo them himself onto people as part of the work’s release. Collaborating with greek and cyprus artists in-line with the regions astrological histories.

Hermes Pittakos: Promo Photography
Kat Van amb: Fashion / Fabrics
Spherical Aberration: Direction / Filming of 'Creating & Destroying' clip and visual clips for all material / Live A/V Visuals
Nico Stephou: Moon Phase Symbols (Top Right of Artwork)

Release Date: Early 2019 on Honest Electronics Label








Venus (‘Venus Ritus’ Release date TBD 2019), a 6-track release exploring the divine femininity, patience, the woman, the power of the beauty of femininity and a re-appropriation of renaissance objectification into a celebration. Questioning our collective tendency towards masculinity at the expense of femininity. Vango performs the pieces as a combined mars/venus persona, echoing non-binary ideology and deconstructing the male and female divide.

Hermes Pittakos: Promo Photography
Nicholas Savva: Additional production
More TBD

Release Date: 2019 NVMPHS Labe;



Ares (Mars) - Mid-Late 2019
Messenger (Mercury) - 2020
Ra (Sun) - 2020
Untitled Jupiter Album - 2021
Untitled Saturn Album - 2021
Untitled Neptune Album - 2022
Untitled Uranus Album - 2022
Untitled Pluto Album - 2023