The cosmic journey begins from Earth (‘Ard’ set for release on Golden Ratio Frequencies label this November): exploring our current disconnection from our eco-system and environmental destruction. It’s seven tracks, mapped to the yogic 7-chakra system mirror human mythologies of ascension - our collective human relationship with the home beneath our feet, and the stars. The release is partly an anthropological inquiry into the yogic system (mapping the energy centres in our body) as well as exploring these through moods of grounding, sexuality, anxiety, love and expression - bringing ancient systems and pairing them with the politics we face in our modern world. ‘Ard’ meaning Ground/Soil/Earth in Arabic, echos the regions history in civilisation, language and controversial religious issues and politics, reflecting our bittersweet relationship between human and earth. When our soil, earth and ground is healthy, vibrant and energised, we can planet the seeds we want to grow and create.

Hermes Pittakos: Promo Photography / Art Direction 'Ard' Clip
Ourobouros: Direction / Filming of 'Ard' Clip
Federica Dauri & Lisa Stertz: Dancers 'Ard' Clip
Nico Stephou: Album Cover Photo
Lyra Pramuk: Guest Vocalist on Track 6
Shalva Idinaxuishvili: Drag/Fashion/Art Direction for 'Void' film clip

1. Ard
2. Ascension
3. Void
4. Hurricane of Light
5. Conscious and Dreaming
6. Theta (Featuring Lyra Pramuk)
7. The Karman Line

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Moon (‘Mother Moon’’ Release date August 2019), a 12-track release plays with the mythology and symbols of astrology and the moon phases - each track explores a different moon influenced mood, exploring the mythological concepts of moon energy; the feminine, emotions, water, fluidity, flow and the womb.

Tom Eyza: Promo Photography
Lokidor: Wearables
Spherical Aberration: Visuals 'Creating & Destroying' clip
Spherical Aberration: Visuals ‘Vulnerables’ clip
Iamunnatural: Visuals of ‘First Step’ clip
Niklas Jeroch: Visuals of ‘Goddess’ clip
Nico Stephou: Cover Art

Release Date: August 30 2019 on NVMPHS

1. Mother Moon
2. The First Step
3. Desires
4. Natsilane and The Orca
5. Trauma
6. A Warrior and a Witch
7. Vulnerabilities
8. Creating & Destroying
9. Dive into Your Inner
10. Blood Moon
11. Into Unknown
12. Goddess




“Ravi” means sun in Hindi. Vango travelled extensively in India recording sounds from local musicians, ashrams, religious rituals and yogic mantras from bustling cities to quiet Himalayan temples arranged into energetic pieces of music that embody the personality of our most dominant and ever-present life force energy of the Sun; consciousness, physicality and enlightenment.

Vango chose India as the source of material for the album due to India’s close relationship with the Sun, with its sun soaked climate, mythological and ancient energy healing techniques and many religions that centre around our sun, the main point of energy in our solar system.

TBA Release Date: 2020

1. I Of One (Consciousness)
2. Yajna
3. Namaskar
4. Ravi Rave
5. I Bathe in the Light of Your Blinding Love
6. Innervisions
7. I Of All (Enlightenment)


VEnus ritus - 2020

Kris Vango returns with the next planetary installment; Venus ritus - a dive into the mythologies and sonic sensualities of planet of love. "Venus has always been depicted in the soft veil of the feminine, the tender love and the divine feminine, I think this is a dated and traditional depictment of a planet that we now know in science is a burning hot desolate place that may have once been a fertile paradise like earth. I think this dualism sums up our current relationship with love and the feminine; tumultuous, desire, pain, trust issues, hurt, sensuality, hedonism, lust. To me these things are more what embody the contemporary aphrodite venus character. Unbound by social conditioning, completely immersed in the sensory pleasures - this is the soundscape I wanted to make, not to collapse into a reneissance binary gender space of brittle sensuality. The woman of 2020 is much more robust, energised and powerful. Not scared to use femininity as a weapon - mature and fully realised."

The album tells the story of falling in love in the digital world; addiction, anxiety, codependency as well as extreme highs and lows, as the quest for love, partnership and pleasure is shadowed by the clouds of a dying earth, a pressure to act and the guilt of wanting sensuality at the time of horrifying global ecoloogical threats and geopolitical shifts.

Ares (Mars) - 2020
Untitled MErCUrY Album - TBA
Untitled Jupiter Album - TBA
Untitled Saturn Album - TBA
Untitled Neptune Album - TBA
Untitled Uranus Album - TBA
Untitled Pluto Album - TBA